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First off, I do want to admit that I am a personal trainer. Now, that may lead you to think that I am hardwired to always want to exercise and that I am intrinsically motivated to keep fitness at the front of my mind. The truth is, that while I do enjoy most things fitness-related, I also love to just relax while on vacation. I love to sample what the area has to offer and that means lots and lots of baked goods! But, I do not want to derail all of my hard work — and that’s where exercising while on vacation comes in. I would love to share a few recent examples of just how I did that.


Las Vegas, NV: If you have been there before, then you know that the Strip is crazy busy starting mid-morning through the wee hours of the night. But there is a magic time early in the morning that the walkways and stairs are clear, the sun is shining and all is good. I would routinely wake up fairly early, lace up and power walk between all of the hotels. When I would encounter stairs, I would run them. Stop for a coffee, step into the hotels or shopping centers for a blast of air conditioning and then power walk back to your room for a shower and I was ready to hit another buffet! If I got up too late to enjoy the empty sidewalks (or if it was already too hot out), I would do a bodyweight circuit in my hotel room. I would commit to just 30 minutes and do sets of the following: jumping jacks, lunges, squats, jump squats, butt kickers, high knees, pushups and various plank exercises. Of course, there is always the option of using the hotel gym. For me, I found it more fun to either explore the city with walking or get a jump start on my day in my hotel room. I recommend starting your day by exercising since you will most likely be too tired or full (or tipsy) later in the day and that will kill your motivation.

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Visiting my oldest friend in PA: I knew that I wanted to keep up with my exercise schedule but my friend didn’t have much in the way of equipment, so I brought a resistance band and jump rope with me. Those items are small and lightweight, making them very portable and great for packing. What’s great about staying with a friend is that the schedule is normally casual. I would make sure to exercise first thing in the morning so I would be ready for whatever activities she had planned for us. Just as in the hotel room, I would perform a circuit with bodyweight exercises and then do light strength training with the resistance band, plus added in some jumping rope for cardio. I would just find an out-of-the-way spot. Once, when her kids were home, I showed them the exercises I was doing and they had a blast with planks and squats.

Just a little side note: Keeping up with your exercise regimen while on vacation will also help with any “gastro” issues you tend to have when you eat differently than normal and your sleep schedule gets a bit out of whack.

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It really is easy to keep on track while out of town, it just takes a little will-power to set aside 30-60 minutes of your fun time for a sweat session. I promise you, you will not regret that time and it can even make your vacation more enjoyable!

A few easy tips:

  • Resistance bands and jump ropes are easy to pack.
  • Take advantage of the city that you are in for a walking/jogging sightseeing tour.
  • Wear your workout clothes as pjs the night before so you just have to put on your sneakers and go! Plus, you don’t have to pack any extra clothing, just the sneakers.