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Fit people are often mistaken for being “naturally thin” or just “not eating.” However, that is not the case at all. It takes hard work, determination, consistency and a LOT of willpower to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But let’s face it, there are certain foods that our children eat that we all have a weakness for. Grilled cheese, anyone?

Here are five simple strategies I use to keep me from devouring the only remaining remnants of a grilled cheese, the oh-so deliciously crunchy golden crust, from my children’s plates.

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Quickly pour any remaining beverages onto the plate. No one wants to eat soggy bread.

Place all the leftovers on one plate and stack the leftover plate on the bottom. This will prevent the temptation food from screaming your name.

Do not pass go; immediately report to the trash. Out of sight, out of mind!

If you do allow yourself a bite, indulge only in any remaining fruits or vegetables. You’re not going to gain weight from eating too many fruits and vegetables.

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Allow the food to sit at the table until you have had time to digest yours. More than likely by the time you realize you are satisfied, the leftovers will be cold, dry and no longer appealing.