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I get it. You’re tired, just getting off work, don’t want to wash the dirty dishes… There are a hundred reasons you can use to convince yourself that going through a drive-thru window is the best option for lunch, dinner or even breakfast. It may be the quick fix for a meal but with the obesity rate growing in the US, it is definitely not the best decision for your waistline.


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I decided long ago that I was going to stay away from fast food; as a teenager there were places that I would absolutely not eat. They simply were not appeasing to me. But I’m also human and there are some fast food restaurants that I do occasionally visit. The key is moderation. If you can stay away for good, that’s great, but living a healthy lifestyle is about finding balance. Here are a few tips for how I avoid the drive-thru window.

1. Meal planning: By planning your meals ahead, you start your day knowing what dinner will be. This helps me because I am less likely to stray from what I’ve planned and look forward to the home-cooked meal.

2. Meal prepping: This is great for moms! Whether at work, on the road or at a play date, meal prepping your lunches means you are less likely to head out for a quick bite on your lunch hour.


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3. Embracing leftovers: Not in the mood to cook? Grab the leftovers and spruce them up! This helps you not waste food but also not get bored with eating the same meal two days in a row.

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4. Road trip smart: When going on the road, I pack a small cooler and fill it with healthy snacks, fruit and extra water. I keep it at arm’s reach so I able to satisfy my hunger when needed. By packing food to eat, I have found that this has helped with the need to stop and grab a quick bite to eat!