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In January 2014, I walked into my local gym with the intention of using a 30-day free trial that I had been given, in hopes that after 30 days I would make it out of my “Now what?” workout plateau that I seemed to be in. When I walked out of the gym, I had indeed gotten my 30 free days plus a few more, but I had also signed a two-year agreement and paid for 12 sessions with a personal trainer. Oopsie!

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While my initial visit didn’t go exactly as planned, I enjoyed my 12 training sessions so much that I ended up purchasing even more so I could keep training. So, here are so things that non-intentionally hiring a personal trainer did for me.

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1. I learned how to use equipment the right way. I would never have had the knowledge or the guts to try any of the big equipment without someone guiding me. I also learned the proper names for a lot of machines and found out that you don’t do a squat press with your arms.

2. The better my posture got, the taller I was. Working out with my trainer, I learned specific exercises that corrected my posture so much that I am now ½ inch taller.


3. I gained confidence. I didn’t realize before I started this training program how much I lacked in confidence in the workout world. Leaving the gym after a sweaty, painful and yet totally enjoyable training session made it even easier for me to come back the next time.

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4. I found my place at the gym. As a non-gym user with no knowledge of gym life, it was easy to feel intimidated at a gym full of muscle builders and protein powders. However, having a personal trainer with me who was that one friendly face, who boosted my confidence level and who worked my butt off each session made it just a little bit easier.

5. I learned how to make goals. When I started training and I was asked about some of my goals, I didn’t really know what to say. I ended up just saying that I wanted to run a 5K and get better abs. But now because of having a personal trainer, I have an easier time picking a goal and following it through properly — and safely!

6. I learned that I could lift heavy things. Call me safe, but at home when no one else is around, I prefer to use the lighter spectrum of weights just in case. So when trainer handed me eight pounds, 12 pounds, 15 pounds, I showed the uncertainty in my face each time and then… I lifted those weights! I could do it!

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Going into the gym to sign up for 30 days and coming out with a way longer commitment should have been a negative experience. However, all I had was a positive, educational and fun experience which, to me, makes it all worth it.