Sex is a workout in and of itself, so staying in shape outside of the bedroom can only heighten the quality of your time between the sheets. Research has shown that regular exercise raises testosterone levels, increases blow flow to the “important parts” and even improves orgasms. Are you ready? It’s time to get sweaty and sexy all at once!

couple laying blue bed

HIIT Sprints – To improve stamina (and avoid groaning at the thought of round two), hop on a treadmill, bike or elliptical and hit it hard for 15-20 minutes. Improving your aerobic capacity will make a huge difference in what you are able to do in the bedroom.

Plank Pose – This exercise works four of the core muscles used during sex; your upper arms, abdominals, obliques, thighs and glutes. Strengthening these muscles will help when you’re on top or are transitioning from different positions without creating a buzz kill.

Bicep Curls – According to stress and fitness expert Debbie Mandel, MA, strength training increases levels of testosterone in women in a healthy and natural way, creating a “tipping point for desire.”

Squats – In addition to making your butt and legs look awesome, this move gets the blood flowing to places in your body responsible for energizing your libido.

Pelvic Tilts – This move strengthens your core and lower back, two muscles used frequently in almost every position. Practice this exercise to prevent back pain the next time things are starting to get steamy!

So it’s time to lace up those gym shoes and get moving! Remember, the harder you work in the gym, the more pleasurable effort you’ll be able to put forth in the bedroom.