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So you spent the last month or so stocking up on your favorite clothing items. You have your colors, your patterns, your fabrics and even a few new pairs of shoes that would rival any red carpet diva, but what about your nails? While the bold nail may have taken a short hiatus in the past, it’s back with a bang and more important than ever! To find out what the latest trends are and how to get them, Skinny Mom chatted with the experts from RCM (Red Carpet Manicure) as well as Gino Trunzo, LCN Spa Consultant.

One of the hottest trends on the red carpet and in the real world is the new gel manicure. Unlike a traditional manicure, The RCM experts say that the gel manicure requires just 3 simple steps; “Prep and  Purify”, “Care and Color”, and “Finish”, and you have a gorgeous long-lasting manicure with no drying time. If you’d love to rock the gel manicure look but your pocket book is feeling a bit thin these days, opt for the at-home system. The RCM experts say that their at-home system gives the same quality as a salon manicure, but at around $60.00 for a starter kit, cost a whole lot less.

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If you’re looking to really add some glam to your manicure try some of the new color and texture trends. Bright neon is everywhere this season and for nails, the bolder the color, the better. Looks like the Ombre’ nail and glittery nails are also on trend and can add a whole lot of glam to your look. Gino Trunzo recommends stepping out of your comfort zone when it comes to your nails and even trying some eye-popping shades like bright violet, green apple or the hit color of the season, spicy orange! Trunzo is also a big fan of the new textured manicures like the caviar manicure as well as the new 3-D manicure which involves placement of decals or jewels on the nails allowing you to make your nails your fashion statement piece.

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If you find yourself shying away from all the bright colors and bold décor, shape is another thing to play with this season. Nails are popping up in all shapes in sizes from the demure, short and oval shaped nail to the powerhouse square nail to the super sexy “stiletto nail”. No matter what size, shape or color you choose remember that nails are no longer meant to hide in the shadows of a plain French manicure, they are now free to be as much a part of your personal style as a pair of shoes or a handbag, so have fun with it and try to take a walk on the wild side.