bizzie gold doing a yoga push up

This yoga-inspired workout will definitely kick your “buti” into shape! Bizzie Gold, the creator of “BUTI Tone” collaborates yoga, tribal dancing, and plyometrics to get your whole body into tip-top shape and have some sexy, sweaty fun! The revealing outfit worn by Gold is what she encourages all of her students to wear. She believes that in order for women to get comfortable being in their own skin, they need to become aware and release any kind of insecurities they may have about their bodies. This workout is intense, amazing and screams girl power! Get ready to blast some serious calories and sweat your sexy little buns off… you can take our word for it!

Before you start, check out what Greatist has to say about BUTI Tone. Then, pull that hair back, throw on some spandex and a sports bra, and get moving with BUTI Tone!


bizzie gold in a buti yoga class

BUTI isn’t a quirky way to spell gluteus maximus. It’s a Marathi word that means “the cure to something hidden or kept secret.” Gold envisions BUTI as a way for women to release aspects of their inner self they typically suppress: their sexiness, their self-confidence, and their ability to share those qualities with the world.

The workout, launched in 2012, is a product of Gold’s background in various fields of fitness. Growing up, she trained as a gymnast and a competitive skier until she was sidelined by a knee injury, which led her to start teaching yoga. But she found yoga’s movements were too “linear” to make a woman’s body move the way it should. (This is actually pretty plausible: While today’s yoga classes are often dominated by ladies, yoga evolved as a dudes-only practice — specifically as a way for male monks to release excess energy before meditating.)

With BUTI, Gold hopes to stage something of a women’s revolution in the world of down-dog and plank poses. Currently, the ladies-only workout is taught by over 400 instructors in 15 states (and several programs are available online). Gold predicts that in the next decade, BUTI will expand even further, and eventually come to be known as “the female evolution of yoga.”


bizzie gold doing a buti yoga pose

hic conflicts.)The skimpy dress style reinforces that notion; Gold wants women to see, and feel at ease in, their own skin. “Women genuinely want to look at their bodies, connect with them, and get comfortable looking at [them] in a way that maybe they haven’t before.” Many women, she says, “need to be so masculine… in day to day life,” but BUTI lets them tap into their “feminine power.”

For some BUTI newbies, that sudden surge of empowerment is really meaningful. When Alexis J. Mann, a New Yorker and kettlebell aficionado, tried a BUTI video for the first time, she found it enlightening. “I like how I felt trying BUTI,” she wrote in an email. “Strong (well, the parts I could keep up with!) and feminine.”

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