I’m 34 weeks pregnant so I thought I better start packing for the big day.  But what exactly do I need?  When I went on the hospital tour they didn’t give us a handout. How are new moms supposed to know what to expect?  Thank goodness for girlfriends!

It seems I’m the last of my friends to have a baby.  Well not really, but for those of you ladies trying to get pregnant, doesn’t it seems that way?  What’s more mind blowing (to me) is that I have 4 friends that just had their 3rd baby.  Ok, so I’m 35 years old, which makes me the late bloomer in the “birthing babies” category, but these ladies are pros. They can change a diaper, swaddle and breastfeed the 3rd baby with one hand, while the other hand is cooking sausage and pancakes for the older kids, and have enough brain capacity to talk on their wireless phone on speaker with other adults.  I can hardly tap my head and rub my belly at the same time.  If anyone knows what to bring to the hospital, these ladies can!

Now this list may seem long but I’m 99.9% positive I’m having a c-section.  Twin A is vertex and Twin B is Frank Breech (legs up over her head).  Not that its impossible to have a vaginal delivery but there’s always a chance I may have to have an emergency c-section for Twin B. Being cut in 2 places? Forget that!   Anyway, here’s the list that I collectively came up with from my friends suggestions.

Things to keep you comfy:
• Pillow
• Robe
• Pajamas
• Socks  (nice fuzzy ones)
• Slippers/Flip Flops/Shower Shoes
• Granny panties (yeah, apparently you bleed a lot and the hospital gives you enormous maxi-pads. And for c-sections, it won’t rub on your incisions)
• Nursing Tank Tops – check out target.com or glamourmom.com
• Outfit to go home

Items for Baby:
• Diaper Bag – the hospital will give you tons of stuff to take home
• Clothes, such as onesies, gowns, cute things to take pictures and to bring babies home
Boppy or My Breast Friend – the lactation nurse will like it

Back to Mama – things you may just want:
• Toiletries – you’ll want to take a shower to just feel better
• Make-Up
• Hairdryer
• Hair Ties
• Chapstick
Belly Bandit – help kick start your figure and the compression helps c-section incision
• Electronics:  Camera, Phone, Laptop and chargers
• Optional: bring your own toilet paper and maxi-pads

Finally, don’t forget about the hard-working nursing staff.  Bring them a basket of goodies and a nice thank you card from the babies.