So, I LOVE to eat.  I don’t know many people that don’t.  The difference with me now and me say 5 years ago is that I have learned to make foods that I like but that are still good for me.  I also love candy.  Yes, I am a big kid at heart, and never wanted to give up my candy.  So, I have found ways of making my own candy at home.

It’s not always sugar free or completely fat free, but I can guarantee you it is better than what is sold in packages on the store aisles.  So, I am going to share one of my new-found candy/snack recipes.

I now make fruit roll-ups at home.  You wouldn’t believe how easy it is!  The kids love them and you get so much more than you would get in a package and without the added sugars or preservatives.

So, the basics are easy, but you’ll be tempted to make new recipes, so be careful… the idea of making your own candy at home can be addicting.  I totally love… err, I mean, my kids totally love them!

All it takes is several cups of fruit (the measurements aren’t exact and really depend on how much you want to make.)

I like the idea of either making my own apple or pear sauce, and do very often; I love pear sauce and think it’s yummier than fresh apple sauce and my kids agree.  I use it as a base and add fruit to it, so it still gets the sweetness from the apple or pear but can have the flavor changed fairly easily depending on if you want it sweeter or more tart.

  • As my base, I used 5 very ripe pears; cut them up (discarding the refuse and cooked them over medium low heat; mashing while I cooked them).
  • I separated the pear into three separate containers because I wanted to make three different flavors.
  • I wanted to make them slightly tart so in one I planned on adding blueberries, the second strawberry, and I added very ripe mango to the third.
  • Each fruit I did the same as with the pear – I discarded any refuse and cooked/mashed the fruit over medium low heat while, until it was very bubbly.
  • I used about 1 cup of additional fruit for each flavor.

 If you taste the fruit and it is too tart or really needs to be sweeter, you can add a little honey or liquid stevia, but remember that dehydrating fruit concentrates it and makes it sweeter.

  • Each container was then blended and poured over a baking sheet lined with plastic wrap that I also sprayed with cooking spray.  You can also use parchment paper; either works just fine.
  • An offset spreader is best, but any spreader will do the job… just spread the blended fruit as evenly as possible onto the baking sheets and place in the oven.
  •  I put two baking sheets long ways, one the bottom rack and one baking sheet “wide ways” on the top rack.
  • Preheat the oven to the lowest setting it will go on (mine will go as low as 170 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • The process takes several hours (think around 4); you will need to check on them occasionally… when they are done, the fruit should look consistent and should peel off of the wrap/paper.

I like to experiment with recipes and make them my own… if you have tried making your own roll-ups, what mixture of fruit did you use? 

What kinds of healthy snacks do you make that your kids love? 

Any ideas for healthy snacks but don’t have a recipe or have no time to figure it out?  (I will find a healthy option, test it and report back)

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