Getting to the gym can be hard, especially when you’ve got little kids at home!  Instead of hitting your basement treadmill, spice things up with a fitness DVD!  It’s like having a live fitness class, or even a personal trainer, right in your living room.  If you prefer to workout at home instead of the gym, there are a lot of great new options for you to choose from!

in home workout


Denise Austin’s FIT IN A FLASH: Denise Austin is known for her zest for life, positive outlook, you-can-do-it attitude, and her workouts are perfect for beginners!  FIT IN A FLASH: 7-MINUTE SOLUTIONS features 7 dynamic workouts focused on cardio, strength training, and toning in quick 7- minute intervals. Start with the Level 1 workouts and when you’re ready you can advance to Level 2.

fit in  a flash Denise austin

Ellen Barrett’s SLEEK SCULPT EXPRESS: I would personally recommend any of Ellen Barrett’s workouts for beginners!  Using a fusion of yoga, Pilates and body sculpting, SLEEK SCULPT EXPRESS is an ultra efficient workout as it burns calories, tightens & tones, and inspires the mind, body, and spirit.


Tracey Mallett’s F.I.T. FUNCTIONAL INTENSITY TRAINING: I love Tracey Mallett’s workouts, and this one is probably my favorite!  F.I.T. consists of functional body sculpting moves followed by Tabata-inspired, cardio athletic drills that will help burn fat, increase your endurance, and get you looking HOT!  Choose between three different 20-minute workouts: Total Body Burn, Lower Body Ripped, and Chiseled Core.

functional intensity training Tracey Mallet

The FIRM Express – The FIRM: is probably one of the most recognized names in the video fitness world.  THE FIRM EXPRESS is a thirty-day, 4-cycle system.  Each cycle includes three workouts: cardio, sculpt, and cardio + sculpt.  Cycle 1 (Ignite) will rev your body and get it ready for great results.  Cycle 2 (Accelerate) will carve and firm your muscles while blasting calories.  Cycle 3 (Turbocharge) will focus on leaning out your physique.  Cycle 4 (Overdrive) will burn overall body fat, blast belly fat, and sculpt beautifully defined muscles.


Jillian Michaels BODY REVOLUTION: Let’s face it, Jillian Michaels gets the job done!  BODY REVOLUTION is a 90-day extreme weight loss system that will overhaul your entire body.  Jillian utilizes her metabolic training methods to burn more fat than cardio or weight training alone.  This three-phase, 15-workout system uses a series of progressively intensifying workouts to transform your body in just 30 minutes a day!

body revolution Jillian Micheals

Michelle Dozois PEAK FIT SYSTEM: Michelle’s ability to appeal to a wide audience, from the beginner to the lifetime exerciser, has made her an inspiring and motivating teacher in the fitness industry.  Her PEAK FIT SYSTEM consists of 8 advanced workouts, based on the latest science and sports training.  It uses a combination of strength training and high intensity cardio circuits to help change your metabolic blueprint so your body gets lean, sculpted, and sexy!

Cathe Friedrich’s XTRAIN SERIES: When it comes to advanced workouts, no one does it better than Cathe!  By the time I’m done with one of her workouts, I am usually dripping in sweat and calling her some very choice names…that’s why I love her! Her workouts are super challenging, and super effective!  Her XTRAIN SERIES is the ultimate total body fitness conditioning program.  It’s been designed to crush calories, incinerate fat, and sculpt and tone your muscles.  It comes with 9 different workouts, and four different program designs, ranging from 30 to 90 days.