Utilize your surroundings while you can with this beautiful weather. Before you get trapped indoors again, pick an “Xtreme” calorie burner that takes you to the great outdoors. As we have said before, even the terrain you run on can boost your caloric burn. Running uphill, in sand, on uneven gravel, it all factors into your workout. You don’t even have to look at this as your “workout.” These activities are FUN. They get you outside and they are all social. Grab some friends and rekindle your sense of adventure with these extreme calorie burners.

Hiking (Aerobic):

Hiking burns some serious calories, and if you are carrying any weight or walking on tough terrain you can check off strength training too! According to Backpacker Magazine, a 170-lb person burns 524 calories per hour without a pack. So, add some weight to intensify the burn. Host a family hike and pack some festive treats like skinny trail mix for the stops. Don’t forget some skinny drinks to keep everyone cool!

Kayaking (Aerobic):

An average 5’4”,  35 year old female weighing 145 pounds would burn about 238 calories per hour of leisurely kayaking. Now, if you aren’t blown away by the calorie burn, take into account the upper body muscle toning. Your core muscles are really going to get worked. That’s not all. Livestrong states that “kayaking works your arms, shoulders, upper body and core muscles and gives your legs a workout.” Also note that while it’s not directly incorporating you legs into the motion, kayaking can strengthen the lower body muscles when you apply pressure and rotate your torso to power the kayak.

However, according to sports.yahoo, there’s a special benefit for women. “By increasing your lean muscle growth in the upper body, you’ll be rewarded with perkier breasts. Kayaking is the ultimate workout for preventing your breasts from sagging.” How great is that?!

Rock Climbing (Total Body):

Rock Climbing is a serious coordination exercise; it takes both physical strength and mental finesse. In fact, when you look up what rock climbing works, mental strength is one of the top hits. Your problem-solving, critical thinking and concentration skills will be at their peak. From your hair follicles to your toes, every major muscle group works to get you further up the wall or mountain.

As for a calorie burner, look no further. Livestrong states that you can burn about 800 calories in one hour. Now, that’s at a highly intense pace.

Mountain Biking (Lower Body, Aerobic):

This is a great form of interval training as you exert more energy going up the trail than down. These short bursts of energy will get your metabolism going well passed the ride. in an interview with Everyday Health, Editor in Chief of Elevation Outdoors magazine Doug Schnitzspahn had this to say about outdoor biking over using a machine:

“Reacting to real terrain gives you a better core workout than just programming a machine to simulate hills,” he says. While he noted Lance Armstrong’s love for the sport, you don’t have to be a professional cyclist to get the most from mountain biking. Novices (weighing 150 lbs) can bike the mountain on beginner trails and still burn as many as 400 calories in 30 minutes.

Check out these other ways to burn calories outside from Everyday Health:

  • Frisbee: 100 calories
  • Jumping on a trampoline: 100 calories
  • Dancing: 115 to 150 calories or more
  • Snorkeling: 120 calories
  • Horseback riding: 150 calories
  • Swimming: 180 calories
  • Playing tennis: 250 calories
  • Rollerblading: 250 calories
  • Beach volleyball: 280 calories
  • Biking around town: 250 calories or more
  • Jumping rope: 360 calories