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With our kids’ schedules getting busier, long gone are the days of spending hours at the gym. Thankfully, the latest trend in fitness isn’t time consuming, but doesn’t cut the corners on burning calories and fat. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a short interval-based workout that requires bursts of energy and effort to see results. But, if you give these short workouts your all, you’ll definitely reap the benefits. Huffington Post recently came out with a great article that will help you better understand what HIIT really is, what the benefits are, and a HIIT routine for you to try out yourself. The start to a new year is the perfect time to try out new routines and create new habits, so give HIIT a chance to boost your fitness routine and achieve your weight loss goals. The best part? Adding this new workout to your regimen will help you avoid adding on those unwanted pounds. HIIT it, girls, and you’ll be right on trend for 2014!

Not totally convinced? Here are a few other benefits from HIIT.

1. Increases Your Metabolism: Combing high intensity with interval training results in EPOC, which speeds your metabolic rate and “translates into a metabolism boost for up to 48 hours after a complete HIIT routine,” says Eric Salvador, NASM, NSCA, head instructor at The Fhitting Room in New York City. This means you’ll still be burning fat even after you’ve left the gym.

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2. Quick And Convenient: Long gone are the days of not having enough time for exercise. HIIT workouts can be done anywhere: at home, in a hotel room, in a park, at a gym, etc. And most are 30 minutes or less! Who can’t spare that?

3. No Equipment Necessary: No dumbbells? No problem! HIIT workouts generally use only your body weight, since the focus is on getting your heart rate up and keeping it there. These workouts result in “optimal muscle building and muscle retention couples with fat loss and increased calorie burn,” says Salvador.

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Ready for a challenge? Try your hand (or full body, rather) at Salvador’s Do-It-Anywhere Chipper Workout. “The most beneficial use of this workout would be in conjunction with some loaded strength exercises,” says Salvador. “However, this is also an effective and extremely efficient workout that can be done anywhere when pressed for time.” Perform each exercise with 30 seconds of rest in between. Be sure to give one hundred percent effort during the exercises. Repeat every other day with the goal of completing it faster each time.

Want to get the Do-It-Anywhere HIIT Workout? Click here to be taken to the original story on Huffington Post.

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