This weekend, I wore high heels all day long for three days, and I am still feeling the pain today.  Before I moved to Hawaii 2 years ago, I wore heels all the time. After the move, the island turned me into a flip flop lover!  So, I have decided I want my heels to feel as great as my flips!

We can put a man on the moon, but we can’t make a comfortable and sexy high heel!?  My friend Eunice has an amazing pair of black heels that she purchased in Germany a few years back.  After much begging, she let me borrow them to wear for an event.  My husband was shocked that I was not complaining all night about my feet hurting, but he did not know I had the holy grail of shoes on my feet.  I could have danced all night without complaint!  I even chased Ross Perot around in heels to get a pic for our famous  “I have bugged a famous person for a pic” album and my feet felt GREAT!   In the pic below, I would swear I am smug because my feet don’t hurt in the sexy shoes!

I would have been 4 inches shorter, but I had on the HOLY GRAIL of high heels!

So, after this weekends walk of shame, I am on the hunt for the elusive shoe.  I have been asking my friends and I now have a few ideas how to make my feet not hate me in the morning.  This is a great list from Charla Krupp, Executive editor, Shop Etc.

Five things to know when shopping for heels:

5. Go for padding. As we age, we lose padding in the ball of the foot where we can carry up to seven times our body weight.  So, press your thumb along the ball of the foot area and the arch. If your thumb springs back, there’s good padding.

4. Choose rounded toes over pointy toes; wedges over stilettos.

3. Walk on a hard floor. Step off the carpet while you’re in the shoe department. Every shoe feels better on carpet!

2. Don’t scrimp on shoes — scrimp on a blouse or jewelry instead. Comfy shoes can cost more because of the extra padding    and technology.

1. And the #1 lie about shoes: “You have to break them in.” Your foot shouldn’t have to mold itself to the shoe, but vice versa.

With that list and recommendations from friends I have decided to break open the piggy bank and try these Cole Haan shoes with the Nike insole

And maybe these from the customer reviews on, because it seems Kate Spade’s “Karolina” shoes are the shoe of choice for all day wear. sells some top rated inserts I have yet to try,  but I think I just might in order to wear my beautiful Banana Republic wedges again without my feet doing the walk of shame the next day

My FAB shoes from BR, oh so painful

 Mahalo and see you on the dance floor fellow Haute Mamas!