Pregnancy not only left me with one beautiful baby, but it also quite literally left it’s mark.  If you are like me then the “mark of pregnancy”, stretch marks, can be found in abundance around your rear end, thighs, and lower belly despite the endless bottles of lotion you made sure to rub on your skin nightly.  With bathing suit season upon us there is one secret to hiding these unsightly blemishes that I am going to let you in on- SPRAY TANNING!

Never underestimate the power of a spray tan!  A nice tan can help you look slim and diminish the appearance of stretch marks.  Because I’m not an advocate of tanning bed laying, and really who has time to lay out in your bikini when chasing after the little ones, I suggest a great spray tan.  Most of your local tanning salons offer spray tans, and if your quick you can catch a great deal on or Always call and ask about any deals or specials the salon may be running before you show up.  Many places give new customers great deals!

Don’t have the extra 30 to spend right now?  No biggie, on your next grocery run check out the lotion aisle for all kinds of DIY tanning solutions.  I LOVE the L’Oreal Sublime Spray.  It’s a fraction of the cost, with the same amount of results!  One suggestion, have your husband, or significant other help you with your back side.  Last thing you want is an uneven spray tan!  Remember to be sparse around your hands, elbows, knees, ankles, and feet.

Tanning can also be great for your skin.  If you’ve chosen to do a spray tan, start wearing less makeup.  The great thing here is that it will also cut back drastically on your getting ready time.  And as new moms, we all know showering is an accomplishment for the day, makeup is like winning the Olympic Gold!

Before you get your “spray tan” on remember:

  1. Try to shower and shave before your tan.  A good exfoliation can help even the spray tan out.
  2. Wait atleast 24 hours before showering, or getting wet.  Taking a shower too soon after you spray will cause streaks in your tan.
  3. Wear something old for a few hours after your tan.  The tan will often times rub off, and the last thing you want to do is ruin that new top you just bought.
  4. Listen to/read the instructions carefully.
  5. Air dry after your tan if you can, if not pat yourself dry gently!

There you have it, one simple trick to hiding your stretch marks!