My Husband and my son!

So I don’t know about you, but here in Chicago I am seeing more and more dad’s pushing the stroller, alone. This being at all times during the day! Even when I’m at the gym and drop my little guy off at the day care, there are dads dropping off and picking up their kids. Now, as bad as this may sound, it looks a little different to me considering all I’ve been used to is seeing the mom’s with the babies or both parents with the children.

What am I trying to say here? I think it’s fantastic! I’m glad that more dads are taking an active role in their children’s lives. I’m glad that more dads are staying home with the kids and the moms are working. A mixture of culture is super exciting to me, and seeing dads in that element of being the primary care taker during the day is just way too precious; I often times find myself compelled to take pictures because it’s just THAT cute.

My husband always says that he would be ecstatic if I made more money than him, while I know a lot of men who want to be the “man” and the sole financial contributor. Parenting is not about that, parenting is about doing the BEST you can for your family and doing what works for your family. So, if you’re a mom who needs to stay home, or a dad who needs to stay home; or even if that’s what you WANT to do for your family, that’s your prerogative!  I love that in this day and age, a lot of people still have the option to stay home with their baby(ies), because a lot of people are really struggling with today’s economy, even working 2-3 jobs at a time (even with college degrees). While it’s nice to still see that there are “traditional” families out there, it’s also really refreshing to see the new age “traditional” family!

How does your family work? I would LOVE to hear from you!