hope international

We all know that natural disasters happen every day. From hurricanes to earthquakes, tornadoes to tsunamis, natural disasters can rip through land and lives leaving nothing in their paths accept destruction and hopelessness. Typically after hearing of such an event, we sit and wonder to ourselves, “What can I do to make a difference?” While we cannot provide an answer for every tragedy, we have found one to help fill the needs of those who survived the tornadoes that ripped through Alabama.

Rebekah Blocher is a designer of jewelry. Her designs are beautiful, trendy and inspirational. Her designs are also helping others as every dime that she makes off of the necklace shown above, goes straight to the Alabama tornado relief.

This means that Blocher is kindly donating her time, her resources and the product that it takes to make the necklace, simply because she feels it will help to make the world a better place. Should you decide to visit Rebekah Blocher’s Facebook page or her website, please let her know that Skinny Mom sent you!

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