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Hello All. My name is Mina, and I currently have my humble dwelling in Nashville, TN with my 17 year old daughter. You might ask yourself what credentials do I have to write about health, fitness, nutrition, etc. That’s a valid question. For the past ten years or so, I have been on a personal journey to be as healthy as I can be. Not so easy for a busy, single, working mom. But we are all WORKING moms, and in my opinion, we are better parents and pass on better values when our children see us living a healthy lifestyle.

Growing up with a father from Iran and a mother from Tennessee, I was exposed to a variety of different foods and cultures. I feel extremely fortunate with this great mix. Come on, in what house could you eat lamb with a side of biscuits? With my dark looks and name, many were shocked that this girl spoke with a southern accent! I think I got the best of both worlds. My mother was an incredible cook and my father refused to let us eat “junk” food. What poor underprivileged children we were that almost everything we ate was homemade. As an adult, I have tried to carry with me what my parents taught me and make it not just a diet but a way of life.

In addition to healthy eating, I’ve also made it a priority to stay in shape. I think my interest in fitness started at an early age when my mother enrolled my sister and me in tap and jazz classes with Ms. Sereda. I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was tall and thin with a head full of auburn hair and always wore the thickest false eyelashes you’ve ever seen. To an impressionable young girl, she was beauty personified. It might not have sunk in during those classes, but as I’ve gotten older, I am so grateful my mother started us off with dance. Each year I’ve tried to take a different form of dance class including African dance. That’s a story for another day, but let’s just say those women in that class were very kind to this gal. That love of dance has led me to my practice of yoga. I believe it helps me with so many other things in life. Not only with other workouts, but to calm myself and breathe. I bet many of you don’t realize how often during the day you are holding your breath and stressing out.
I look forward to sharing my journey and hearing from you. Hopefully with honesty, openness, and a dash of humor. Even life needs extra flavoring 🙂

Namaste, Y’all.


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