Canada Day 2011

Hello from Canada!! I am SO excited to be a Skinny Mom blogger…..and feeling extra special being the only Canadian!! 🙂  Please bare with me though, as blogging is a whole new world for me and is TOTALLY out of my comfort zone!!

I am from Nanaimo, which is located on a beautiful Island off the coast of Vancouver, British Columbia, roughly a 95 min ferry ride from Vancouver. I am a busy hockey mom of four (3 boys and 1 girl), trying desperately to keep my sanity in a house with so many personalities…..I always joke with my friends that if they can’t get a hold of me, I am probably in my garage drinking!! lol but most likely on my treadmill 🙂 I love being active and getting a good sweat on, which is a  good thing, because I LOVE food…..especially peanut butter…… by the spoonful!! I am finding though, that as I get older, my food tastes are maturing. I have a drawer full of cookbooks, yet rarely follow a recipe, normally making a meal up as I go, but always trying my best to keep it clean & healthy.

I LOVE, love to watch reality shows and think it would be pretty AMAZING to be on the Amazing Race……my partner would have to have a good sense of direction though, because mine is horrible!! Some say I am a little obsessive compulsive….as I like everything to be in order, things to be straight, and items stacked level in the pantry, with the  wording shown on the labels, oh and I LOVE the sound the vacuum makes when it is picking up bits off the floor…..VERY therapeutic……okay after writing that, I think I am VERY obsessive compulsive!!

I love to craft and be creative, creating primitive stitcheries out of my children’s drawings or school work, refinishing old furniture and window frames, or making a sign out of a scrap piece of wood. I like to decorate my house “seasonally” with every  new season and as my neighbors say, they know what time of year it is, by my porch decorations. I have many fears, mainly being attacked by a bear, cougar,  or snake,  but my BIGGEST is the thought of my youngest heading to school this fall. I have had a “buddy” all day for the past 12 years, so the fear of what I will do to fill my time, is making me quite anxious…..perhaps I will fill the void with blogging!?!

I thank you for taking the time to read my post and for this Skinny Mom blogging opportunity…..I hope I don’t disappoint!!  Please share with me a little about yourselves, as I look forward getting to know all of you!!