Psst – I have a secret…..

What if I told you there was a simple way we can help slash the heart disease numbers? Well, there is! Just by sharing tips, tricks, and spreading knowledge with loved ones you can help them cut their risks greatly! Knowledge is POWER!!

Here are a couple ways to get you started on spreading the word:

1. Invite a few friends or family members over and cook them a HEART healthy meal. Even better, get them involved and let them help you make it!! This way, they can see just how easy it is to make simple, yet healthy food swaps and “skinny” up a not-so-healthy favorite meal.

2. Get active! Go for walk in the fresh air or meet some friends at a local field for a fun game of touch football or softball – chances are you’ll be having SO much fun, you won’t even realize you are breaking a sweat and strengthening your heart – getting healthy has never felt so good!!

3. Teach your kids the importance of fueling their bodies with healthy foods and saving treats for special occasions. Let them help you with the grocery shopping and making SMART whole food choices over processed packaged foods. These lessons will stick and set them up to live a long healthy life!

4. Educate yourself!!  Beyond learning the risks and how to prevent them – learn the warning signs of a heart attack & stroke. Knowing what to do and  how to spot a heart attack or stroke could save your or a loved one’s life.

Lets GO RED &  SPREAD the word together!!

We can  ALL make a difference just by getting others involved and educating people on the importance of prevention and early diagnosis of heart disease.  Friday, Feb 22nd is National  “Blog Your Heart Out Day”. Join me and other bloggers as we come together to spread the word to loved ones to GO RED via social media. Lets rally bloggers around the country/world to BLOG about heart disease, and then everyone joining in on a tweetchat – #BYHO2013 at 11am PST.  Lets make some noise and make this BIG!! Be sure to send your blog link + numbers to fitlosophy, and 4 bloggers will be chosen based on the quality of their posts to win a fitbook + food scale to do a giveaway on their blog.  Thats a WIN/WIN in my eyes!!