Whether it is elementary, high school, college, or professional, who is ready for the brisk weather and that American favorite, football? As a huge professional football fan, we are into preseason and I am enjoying watching my team and the excitement that comes along with a new line-up. Is there a better time to get together a bunch of friends and family, make some delicious and healthy (this is going to be the major change this year!) snacks, and watch the game?

So, since our normal football fair includes; chili, chips,  cheese and crackers, and some kind of homemade sweet, I need to find a way to keep the taste and idea of these foods, but cut some calories and add some colorful fruits and veggies.

  1. The first healthy change that I would make is to make my chili with ground turkey instead of hamburger. I already have a bean chili, so this simple substitution can make this delicious football treat healthier for you.
  2. My second change would be to simply add more colorful veggies: such as red, yellow, orange and green peppers, and a yogurt dill dip, which I love anyway!
  3. To satisfy that crunchy need, I am looking forward to trying air popped popcorn and then sprinkling Italian seasoning on it to change it up a bit. By leaving out the seasoning and adding dried fruit and nuts, you have a yummy trail mix and lots of crunch and a sweet substitute!

With these few simple changes, that very few people are likely to notice, we can have football Sunday (or Friday or Saturday) party snacks with much less fat and calories. I would say that is a major touchdown!