By no means have I always been the active, organic eating, vegetable loving woman that I am now! I grew up in a household that ate processed foods, meat with every meal, pantry was always stocked with snacks… you get the idea. It really wasn’t until I had my first baby that I learned the importance of not eating processed foods filled with GMO’s, eliminating meat from our diet (we still eat fish 2-3x a week), and staying clear of pesticides and other toxins by eating organic. With childhood cancer and obesity at an all-time high, we knew we had to do everything we could to keep our babies healthy. My husband and I choose to not let our son (2 ½) eat fast food, drink sodas, processed foods, etc. We try our best to lead by example. We used to drink sodas until our son wanted what mommy and daddy were drinking and we realized if we didn’t want him to do something we should not do it either so we stopped. We provide the BEST foods on the market, including a wide variety of organic fresh fruits and vegetables.

We are getting a lot of negative feedback from family and friends about the decisions we are making for our household in regard to nutrition. We are constantly being told how our son looks too skinny, he is not getting to be a kid, and “our favorite” that we are depriving him. Our son looks just as healthy if not more healthy than any kid his age and he can run circles around just about anyone. Since when does “being a kid” mean eating at McDonald’s, drinking sodas and scarfing down Little Debby snacks all day? How is providing the absolute best foods for our son “depriving him?” Something is very off about this and I cannot seem to figure it out. We are looked at like we are the crazy ones!

You would think we would be praised for the way we are as parents, but instead, we get ridiculed with negative comments and funny looks. It would be easy to just go to the drive thru every day or open up a bag of frozen anything, but instead we spend the extra time and money preparing fresh, non-processed foods for our household. The most common response would be to just eliminate the negative people from our life and focus on continuing to do what we know is best for ourselves and our kids. However, how do I handle this when it is coming from our own family and closest friends? How do I get others to respect our decisions and support us on only offering healthy foods to our kids? This is extremely sensitive to me, being a mom with a family history of Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, you name it someone in my family probably has or had it! I do not want myself, my husband, or our kids to follow along that same unhealthy path… I want to start our new “clean bill of health” path!

I would love to hear if anyone else has gone through this and how you handled it.

**The quote I choose to live by**