zAm I the only one behind on my Holiday shopping? I didn’t brave the crowds on Black Friday, although I did decide to do some online shopping on Cyber Monday…but I still feel behind! Previous gifts have always included robes and slippers and other things that probably end up in the back of the closet. But how many slippers can a girl wear! This year my list includes a lot of different people, so this week I decided to first focus my gift giving on the Fitness conscious people. How can I go wrong with gifts that help people towards their health and fitness goals? I have compiled a list of “all things healthy” and I thought I would share them with you. The gifts range in prices and some would make good stocking stuffers. If you have any other suggestions…please share!!

  • Gift certificate to an Exercise equipment store – Can be used on clothes, home exercise equipment, anything to motivate!
  • Subscription to my favorite Fitness Magazine! – This is the ultimate fitness gift that keeps on giving through the year!
  • Bodybugg – Calorie management arm band. Have you heard of it yet? It will track and display calories you have burned through the day and will track your daily steps and more.
  • Calorie Counting Book – my recommendation is Calorie King – It comes out yearly and includes calorie content and other information on all the latest and greatest new foods.
  • Food Diary – What a great accompaniment to the calorie counting book. Everyone needs to keep a food diary after all those holiday parties! It will help them get on track!
  • Stability Ball – The is one of the best home gym equipment pieces you can give. So versatile and inexpensive!
  • Exercise Mat – Can be used at home or taken to the gym. Everyone should have one and if they already have one….it might be stinky!
  • iTunes Gift Certificate – Music is a must when on the treadmill or elliptical machine. They can purchase the songs they love to work-out to.
  • Socks – I’m not talking just socks, I am speaking of moisture wicking socks that are kind of pricey and they would never buy themselves. Nice socks will help them stay comfortable everytime they exercise.
  • Reflector – I am a runner and I prefer to run first thing when I get up in the morning. Problem is, during winter, it is dark when I get up. Reflectors are a great gift to give someone who is out and about exercising in the outdoors early or late. Their are arm bands, wrist bands and body bands available.
  • Nivea Touch of Shimmer Lip Balm – I LOVE this stuff!! So pretty but very functional. I wear it when I run in the winter and then put it on again over my lipstick on my way to work.
  • Hot Hands – Always a good stocking stuffer and can be used during skiing, and running and walking outdoors.
  • Pedicure – People who regularly exercise are always on their feet. What a better way to pamper yourself!
  • Massage – Ok well this is probably the better way to pamper yourself…and definately a must for a consistent exercise buff. Working out is great, but relaxing is sometimes even better!

Healthy Holidays!