Baked Beet Chips from A Cozy Kitchen

Baked Beet Chips from A Cozy Kitchen

Store bought chips are full of additives and are not always a healthy option. If you love crunchy snacks but want to ditch the fillers, this post is for you!

Fruit and vegetable chips can easily be made at home, with or without a dehydrator. I thought for the longest time I could not make them in my oven but that is not true at all! A great tool to have is a mandolin, they make quick and uniform slices. I absolutely love mine, it cuts in tons of different ways!

General steps for making homemade fruit or vegetable chips:

  1. Choose fruits or vegetables you would like to make into a chip, slice into thin strips, if applicable. For leafy greens, remove stems and tear into pieces.
  2. Choose spices or seasonings that would be good with your chips. Pour oil of choice and seasonings of choice into large bag and add sliced fruits or vegetables. Shake until well coated. 
  3. Line baking sheet with parchment paper and place each piece on the paper making sure none overlap. Heat in the oven between 200-400 degrees for 30-35 minutes or dehydrate for an hour. Flip halfway through and check often to make sure they do not burn. Cooking temperature and time vary based on what kind of chips you make

Some great recipes to try out:

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These skinny recipes are a great start in making snacking one step healthier! Let us know what your favorite fruit or vegetable chip combination is!