So, I just got back from an appointment with my nutritionist/holistic practitioner (have you ever been to one?  You’d love it!), and now I am more confused than ever on what to eat.  We all know the basics: fried food will give you a heart attack and desserts will make you fat. More green stuff is good, and more pasta is bad.  Ok, great. I get it, I’ll stay away. But as I’ve been doing more research and paying closer attention to my body, I’ve been coming across more and more conflicting information.  So here are a couple of my dilemmas. Seriously- what am I supposed to eat?!?  (And yes, meal ideas are highly encouraged.)

We’ve all heard the hype lately about High Fructose Corn Syrup.  And yes, it’s a good idea to stay away from any “food” that’s this highly processed. But guess what?  Refined sugar is highly processed as well.  And how about those fake sugars?  While they may be a non-caloric way to sweeten food, they are made from nothing but chemicals.  And when you’re pregnant, you’re told to stay away from fake sugar.  So my thinking is that if it’s bad for your fetus, why is it okay for your adult self?  Ahhh, what’s a girl to do???

It’s been a personal choice of mine for a while now to not eat red meat and pork. I was fine with chicken and turkey, but have recently been cutting way back on that as well.  So I’ve been turning to soy as my primary source of protein.  And now my trusty nutritionist (my husband calls her a witch doctor, I prefer Health Goddess), told me that when first diagnosed with breast cancer, people are immediately told to stay away from soy.  So again my thinking is that if it’s bad for a cancer patient, why is it okay for anyone else? By the way, almost everything contains soy- just like almost everything contains wheat. Which just so happens to bring me to my next point…

The latest thing I’ve heard is that even wheat is no longer considered healthy.  What??  I guess (and I have not done any of my own research here, I just read a book review), that the way that today’s wheat is most commonly grown and harvested takes a lot of the good stuff out.  Supposedly what is left is actually very hard for our stomachs to digest, and ends up giving us a nice big belly.  Oh awesome.  Another common food that makes us fat.

Okay, one more rant before my head explodes- dairy.  Did you know that humans are the only mammals that drink milk from another mammal? Not only that, but we are the only species that drinks milk past the age of one?  And I’m not gonna go and get all nasty on you here, but have you ever looked up a video on how milk gets from the Moo to You?  (Do it- you’ll be shocked. Heads up- it’s sad). The truth is that dairy foods can be the cause of a lot of people’s stomach issues.  No problem, I’ll switch to almond or coconut milk. But what about yogurt?  And haven’t we heard 8 billion times how great Greek yogurt is for us???

And there you have it- a few reasons why I am so conflicted.  I am starting to understand more and more why eating clean is the way to go, and what Jillian Michaels meant when she said, “if it doesn’t come from the ground or have a mother, don’t eat it”.  Well, knowing about it is the first step right?  You’re welcome.