Our sweet, messy little kids: how can we get some healthy finger foods into their bodies and not just onto their faces, the chair and down on the floor? I don’t have the answer for that, however I do have some healthy finger foods that we can feed our little ones! Be sure to let us know what some of your family’s favorite finger foods are.

  • Avocados. This is a power fruit that’s filled with potassium, healthy fats, vitamin B, vitamin C, folic acid and fiber. Cube or slice them up and let the kids snack away! The older ones can use a tooth pick to eat them, or make guacamole with some organic blue corn chips.
  • Edamame. These are packed with protein and vitamins. If your kids are old enough to “pop” them out of the shell, that can be a fun way to let them stay busy for a little while. If they are babies, just get them out of the shell and they can pick them up with their little fingers.
  • Cinnamon apple bites. Cube an apple into bite sizes and sprinkle with cinnamon. Leave it just like this for the older kids. For younger children you might want to microwave them a minute or so to soften. You know your child and how well they can chew.
  • Sweet potato. Packed with vitamin A, B and C, sweet potatoes are great sliced thin and baked until crispy. They will turn out just like chips. For younger children, slice or cube the potato and bake until sweet and soft. Yum!
  • Frozen Greek Yogurt bites. Freeze little dots of your favorite Greek yogurt. Flavor them yourself with honey and/or berries. They will love them!
  • Cucumber and melon sushi. Slice cucumber super thin lengthwise with your vegetable peeler. Cube any melon like cantaloupe. Wrap one thin slice of cucumber around the melon and it will look like “sushi.” Add a tooth pick to hold it together if needed.