I’m always a little sad when summer is over. I know how much I’ll miss the slower pace, homework-free evenings, late nights, and best of all vacation! Just because summer is winding down doesn’t mean you can’t take your family on a healthy day trip. Sometimes, these little trips make the best memories. The best part about day trips is that they’re easy and don’t require a lot of packing, which is a vacation in and of itself for mommy! Try a few of these out and enjoy your family time!

1. Take the kids to a farmer’s market or better yet a real picking farm. We are very fortunate to have a blueberry picking farm less than two minutes from our house and the kids love it! Plus, what better way to get your kids eating healthier than when they can pick the foods themselves. Trust me, they’ll love it!

2. Explore the history of your area. If you’re visiting a state park, have the kids research a unique fact about the area and then let them teach you all about it. They’ll enjoy being your little tour guide!


3. Go hiking and pack a picnic. The town I live in is home to the world’s highest hill, Cavanal. It’s five miles straight up! This makes a great and challenging day trip and we are ready to feast together when we’re finished. It definitely makes for a fun and sweaty day!

4. Visit a hands-on children’s museum. My girls loved to visit them when they were young. Who am I kidding? They still love to go even at 19 and 13.


5. Go to another country at the library. This can be an ongoing project. Before you go on your international vacation, make passports for everyone in the family, then you’re officially ready for traveling. Decide as a family which country you want to visit and gather as much information as you can about the culture. You can plan and cook a meal from that country. Don’t forget to stamp your passport after visiting a country!