3 girlfriends at home eating pizza
Indulged in one too many cocktails last night? Ate an entire pizza in one sitting? We’ve all been there. These behaviors are not ideal, but they happen. No need to apologize, don’t beat yourself up over it or drown yourself in guilt. Move on. That’s right – let it go. It doesn’t matter what you did, it matters what you do next.

Don’t try to make up for it or over-correct. What’s done is done. If you go on an exercise binge or embark on a hunger strike to rid yourself of your sins, you will more likely to find yourself back where you are right now. This type of behavior usually backfires. Thus begins the roller coaster of over and under-indulging. Stop the madness!

Don’t tell me about the cleanse you are starting after the holidays. I don’t much care about the workout regime you’ll begin when you get back from vacation. Or the gym you are going to join. It doesn’t interest me. Tell me instead what you are going to do RIGHT NOW. Today. What’s your next best step? Go for a walk. Knock off 10 push-ups. Make a colorful salad. Drink a liter of water. Phone a friend.

You are one move away from feeling better. Are you going to do something that will make your feel better, or worse? That is the only move you should care about. Your next one. Practice building your roads on today.

The difference between people who have lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off versus those that gained it back? One thing. How they dealt with a bad day. The group that kept the weight off started the next day as if nothing had changed – they got right back into their healthy routine. No guilt, no shame, no questions asked.

Every day is a blank slate. A chance to try again. There is no such thing as failure – just action and result. If you don’t like the result, adjust, hopefully learn, and take more action.

No one gets it right all the time. Perfection does not exist. Life is a journey. Things come up, plans and intentions change. You are going to have an “off” day…or week. It happens to us all.

Take your next best step.

How you got here doesn’t matter. It’s what you do next. No excuses. No judgements. Forgive yourself. You won’t ever be perfect, but you can always be productive, healthy and active. There is always something constructive you can do to feel better. Turn the tide. Right the ship.

Picture your perfect life.  Your health, your friends, your family. What do you need to do to get there? Break it down into steps that are small enough to manage, yet big enough to matter. Do those things every day. Life is the sum of all your steps. Stop chasing perfection. It doesn’t exist. Don’t look back. Keep moving forward. What you do next is what matters. It’s up to you.

After all, it’s not how many times you fall, but how many times you get back up that matters. (Photo credit here)