There are some out there, that may argue that Mother’s Day is a made-up holiday, but as a daughter and new mom, I love celebrating this wonderful day.  Although, motherhood is just one of the roles that we women will take on the course of our busy lives filled with careers, relationships, and personal aspirations, for many of us, motherhood will be our most rewarding role.  Being a mom fills us with purpose and a special kind of love that only a mother can experience and come to know.
As moms, in addition to teaching, nurturing, and caring for our kids, we set examples for them and whether we realize it or not, we are responsible for shaping their futures. What better way to be a positive example to your kids than to show them the importance of living a healthy and fit lifestyle from an early age.  Take time to take care of yourself and show them that you value being healthy, happy, and fit and you can bet that as your kids grow, they too, will value being healthy, happy, and fit later in life.
Let these words serve as a reminder as Mother’s Day approaches, relish in the moment and know that everything you do counts.  Say thank you to the one who shaped your world.  So to my mom: Thanks for inspiring me to be the woman and mother that I am today, I love you:)

Happy Mother’s Day to all the expecting moms and mothers everywhere!

How will you be celebrating your mom?  I would love to hear from you…