For those who are blessed enough to have a special man in your lives, whether it is your dad, your husband, your children’s dad, a close friend, or a brother, take time to celebrate him and let him know what he means to you on this Father’s Day and everyday.  Recently, we asked you to brag about the special man or men in your lives and here are some of the amazing responses that you shared.  Enjoy and Happy Father’s Day!

My dad and I celebrating Christmas right after my son was born

The older I get, the more I look back on the great memories that I have with my dad.  He has always been a man of few words but there has never a doubt in my mind how much he loved my sisters and I.  I can remember him teaching me how to swing a golf club, how he would clean out his work garage so that I could ride my bicycle around for hours, and I will never forget the long drives we shared as he drove me to school each morning.  His actions and his love for others taught me so much about life and shaped me into the person that I am today,  There are no words to ever show my appreciation for him and to fully say thank you for everything that he has done for me.   Today and always, I hope he knows how much I love him.  Happy Father’s Day Dad!  Today, I celebrate you!



Heather with her fiance and children

I have a terrific man in my life! Not only does he take care of me, but my 3 children from my previous marriage are taken care of like they are his own. He never even held a baby until he meant my youngest daughter! And then he went on to getting up with her at night and changing diapers. I am truly blessed 🙂




Jamie’s boyfriend and the father of her children

You guys want to know why my guy is the greatest is because Chris, my ex husband current boyfriend, doesn’t even want a guys night when it is his turn with the kids and I am so willing to watch the kids…..He even turned down a poker night to take the kids to the park and ice cream…He is a keeper even thought I couldn’t keep him…LOL




Kristi with her husband Kyle

My husband’s name is Kyle. We have been together for 7 years and married for 4 years. He is not like most men. When I was 17, I got pregnant with our son, who is now 4 years old. Kyle was 20 at the time. He could have easily said he wasn’t ready to be a father and left but he did just the opposite. He stayed by my side through everything (horrible morning sickness, extra ultrasounds ..). When I was 5 months pregnant, he proposed and told me he had been thinking about it for a while but decided to wait so no one would think he was just trying to be noble because I was carrying his child. Our son was born in April of the following year and we were married 2 months later. He has fully embraced fatherhood since day 1 even though he had never been around a baby before. He jumped right in helping with everything. Now they are so much alike!! Kyle works 3rd shift so he ALWAYS makes sure to be a part of our bedtime routine and the morning shuffle. He even sometimes brings home breakfast. He tries to dress our son but it doesn’t always go together. At least he tries right?? He is such a wonderful father and I could not ask for a better man. He truly is one of a kind.

Rebakah’s husband Brian with their daughter

My husband is a wonderful daddy to our two girls, he buys the CUTEST clothes and shoes for them and loves to paint their fingernails! They adore their daddy!







Kimberly and her husband Gregory

My dream of being happily married went out the door with my first marriage,I now am married to a man,who has shown what is like to be loved,respected,trusted,and respected by a real man.Thank you Greg for all you have given and not taken for granted.Also my adult children love him and look at him as a dad that theirs never was.Thank you again Greg I love you and you are truly the love of my life.



Jody’s husband Fernando

First I would like to say we have been Married for 2 years, which is not very long. This man came into my Life after I was diagnosed with Cervical Dystonia, a rare Neurological Disease with no Cure. I have 4 grown Children and a 2 year ol…d Granddaughter. He totally flipped his Life around for and my Children, he Loves us like no one ever has, he’s shown so much Respect and that respect has rubbed off on my Children…He has taken care of me when I couldn’t take care of myself. He goes to work at 3 AM and gets home in the Evening and cooks Dinner. This man is an Angel..I want to Thank him and the Good Lord…My Life has changed so much and I have him to Thank!!!!!!



Lisa’s husband RJ

My husband and I will celebrate our 12 year Anniversary this Sunday, on Father’s Day. He’s an amazing Husband and Father to our 3 beautiful children. I hope for our boys to be like him and for our daughter to be lucky enough to find someone like him. (: