I came across a blog today called Hands-Free Mama. The gist of her blog is being more of a hands-on mother by playing and enjoying your children’s childhood instead of being constantly plugged in. This past year, I got on the texting bandwagon. I admit I am a bit behind on the technology train, and you know what? I am ok with that. I found that there are several friends that respond better and faster to a quick text message instead of an email or phone call. I text for work at times- I have daycare parents texting me quick messages about picking up early or late and such. I don’t use it much – I am better at emails since my laptop is always open and I see it throughout the day. (I have a Facebook addiction and like to look at in during snack time or naptime- when there is a down moment for me). I am glad technology doesn’t take over my life to the point where I ignore the kids. (What is ironic is I used to teach people how to use their computers, set up web pages, and palm pilots back when I was a software trainer).

I unfortunately have witnessed other parents- mainly moms with their faces glued to their phones. With today’s technology we can be hooked up constantly. We can check the weather, movie times, use the GPS, and play music at the tip of our fingers all day. Technology is amazing and it is only going to evolve into things we can’t even fathom.  I see many moms texting or talking on the phones while their kids run around the playground or the neighborhood- oblivious to things happening around them. One thing I try to remember each day is the fact that my children won’t always be children. Some day they will grow into adults and move away. I love my children very much and really try to make it a goal to cherish every day with them.  They are already growing too fast for my taste.  I try to hug and kiss them whenever I can and to tell them they are amazing daily. I also need to stop and take a breath during my blissfully busy day and really try to talk to them. Some days it is less than others, but it is still in the back of my head to be aware, take notes, and really try to make memories for my children. I know there is that day where I’d rather read my novel on the back deck while they play in the yard. If someone needs me I do try to put the book down and listen to them.  One thing I do know is when my kids reminisce back on their childhood, they will remember that I was there.