Halloween and candy go together…they just do. As Halloween approaches, I can’t help but imagine the big bowl of Halloween candy that I always have for Trick-or-Treat night. I try and wait as close to Halloween night as I can before I purchase the candy, but sometimes I just can’t resist. All those little miniature versions of my favorite candies…they are never as many calories as their larger counterparts, but when I end up eating lots and lots of those little miniatures, I end up eating more calories than one of the larger versions! All the over-indulging in Halloween candy around this time of year always haunts me a few days later as my scale begins to creep up!

I always have to remind myself of my own motto: “I can have what I want, just not as much as I want.” And the miniature candy pieces are a perfect match to my motto, BUT I have to stop at just one or at least stop when I eat over 100 calories of the candy. That way I am getting a taste for what I am craving, but I won’t be over-indulging in calories. I also try and stock up for Trick-or-Treat night with candy that I don’t really like. That way I am not as easily tempted to eat it. But if I end up buying candy that I will actually eat, I try and not go over 100 calories a serving. Below is a list of under 100 calorie candy options to satisfy your Halloween candy craving. Be sure you read the label on the candy you purchase and pay attention to the serving size. Some candy may be three or four pieces per serving, others may be only one.

  • Four Three Musketeer Minis – 96 calories
  • One Fun Size Three Musketeer Bar – 70 calories
  • Two Butterfinger Minis – 90 calories
  • Six Peeps Pumpkins – 96 calories
  • One Tooties Caramel Apple Pop – 60 calories
  • One DumDum Lollipop – 20 calories
  • Four Hershey’s Kisses – 88 calories
  • Three Original Tootsie Rolls – 78 calories
  • Two Reese’s Cups Minis – 80 calories
  • Two Snicker’s Bar Minis – 90 calories
  • Ten Whoppers – 100 calories
  • Ten Gummie Bears – 100 calories
  • Fourteen pieces of Candy Corn – 100 calories
  • Two Caramels – 80 calories
  • One Fun Size package of M&M’s – 100 calories
  • One Fun Size Almond Joy Bar – 100 calories