If you’ve been cutting back on sugar, then a house full of Halloween candy is probably your worst nightmare. It isn’t easy to stay away from it on a normal time, but when the kids are bringing back pillow cases of the stuff, it’s hard not to nab a piece every once in a while.

With Halloween just a couple of weeks away, you may be worrying over how to rid the house of the cavity-causing candy, without feeling “wasteful.” The option of skipping trick-or-treating is out. Kids LOVE Halloween and denying them the fun of trick-or-treating doesn’t seem right.

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There is a great option, however! After the kids come home with candy, sort through it and let them pick out a small amount. Then, take the rest and package it up to donate to troops overseas. This is a great holiday tradition to start with your family and a great way to incorporate a lesson on generosity and giving. You can also have your kids prepare drawings and cards to send along!

To find out how you can donate Halloween candy check out these sites: Operating Gratitude and Operation Shoe Box.

What do you do with that mound of Halloween candy collected? Let us know in the comments.