Hilary Duff sports the Ombre look!!!

While I am not one who is usually “up on the trends” when it comes to my hair, I do like to treat it right, and I love it to look AH-mazing! This season (well since about the beginning of spring), it’s all about the Ombre. Ombre is the gradual change from one color to another. This trend has been seen in clothing, nail art, shoes, accessories, and most prominently in HAIR!

If you watch television, read magazines, or simply head out of your house, you have probably seen this trend in some way shape or form!

  1. It’s Trendy! What mama doesn’t want to still be on top of her game? This look is fun, modern, and fashionable. So even if you aren’t fashion-forward, your hair WILL be!
  2. Easy to maintain! Highlights grown out an inch, and you still have 2 weeks until you get in to see your amazing stylist? Not a problem any longer ladies, as the ombre shades don’t pronounce growth at your crown!
  3. Works with long hair, short hair & layers. We are all pinterest fanatics (don’t lie, I see you re-pinning my stuff!) and I’ve seen this look done with a bob, shoulder length, and GORGEOUS long flowing hair! (Yes, I want that long flowing hair!)
  4. Works with all hair types: straight, curly, frizzy, styled. I love the dimension it gives my curls, and fun “look” it provides my hair when it’s straight, and the “peek-a-boo” look when I curl it, or toss it up in a top knot!
  5. The color options are endless! I’m currently rocking just a fade of almost black, but not really down to a faded out lighter brownish, slightly reddish color. You can go brown to blonde, or my next plan, my fave dark almost black in a much more prominent RED!!! (please don’t divorce me hunny! *the hubs isn’t a fan of red*)
  6. Less trips to the salon = more $ in your wallet!

Also, why not ladies? We only live once, and yes our children will probably make fun of us when they “look back” at photos of us from 2012…. but at least we can say “It was cool then!”


Photo Credit: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/