Me and Johnny Playing

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a member of a local organization for parents, children, and families alike here in Chicago called, NPN. Once I saw the calendar of events had a Gymboree class on it, I signed right up! For one, getting out of the house with an actual event scheduled made me want to do back-flips on my balcony, which of course could have posed a huge problem. But more importantly, getting my son involved in a new activity made my heart skip a beat. There would be other babies his age there so that made my excitement grow even stronger. When we got to Gymboree I met other moms who were mostly from the Northside (not their faults, kidding, kind of) who were all exceptionally sweet and just as sleep deprived as I was. WOO HOO!

The entire Gymboree and NPN staff were AMAZING. Each woman was friendlier than the next, which made my very slight anxiety about meeting new people ALONE disappear. Our instructor was so sweet, attentive, and patient (the class was at 4pm for a bunch of 0-6 month olds; yes that’s why it was complimentary) with each individual baby. As you can imagine, there was a lot of fussing, crying, dirty diaper making, lack of attention, feedings, sleeping, drooling, and spit up; did I miss anything? Yet, there was also a lot of fun and excitement going on in that room! Our instructor taught us a lot of new songs, ways to interact with our babies, worked on tummy time, rolling over, looking in mirrors, playing with objects, singing, bubbles, parachutes, and playing with clowns (yes, I too thought a horror flick was about to commence) which the babies actually enjoyed!

When class was finished, we received a goody bag that included a teether and bubbles, both of which have been put to GREAT use. Because of our wonderful experience with Gymboree, we will be signing up for regular classes once Johnny is 6months old. If you haven’t taken advantage of all the goodness and wonder that Gymboree has to offer, I suggest you get your booty there, ASAP!