Authentic Pad Thai Noodles Kit

Have you ever found yourself in the spice aisle–for the seventh time after circling through the organics section eight previous times–looking for some foreign crushed something or other? Most of the time you either just scrap the ideal recipe you wanted to impress your hubby with…or you just grab the cinnamon thinking, “uh, yeah cinnamon is close enough to [insert impossible to pronounce spice].”

Don’t give up on your Top Chef-fueled culinary dreams! GrubKit has all the teaspoons of black sesame seeds and Thai fish sauce your foodie heart desires. Better yet, it’s all pre-measured. In other words, you aren’t stuck looking at a barely used, although very pretty, glass jar of rare oil that simply says, “I can’t believe you paid $15 for me.”

All you have to do is go to the site, find a recipe and place an order (around $20 with a flat shipping rate of $3.95). Grubkit then sends you a slick package of hand-selected, non-perishable organic ingredients complete with easy to follow recipe cards and a small–we’re talking three-to-four items–grocery list of fresh ingredients for you to pick up.

GrubKit is run by a husband and wife in Brooklyn, NY who appreciate the artisans around them, but understand the frustration of a scavenger hunt. So it’s real people, helping a real you make a real gourmet meal.

Did I mention that the packaging is all compostable?! Yes, that’s right you don’t have to worry about all that “trash,” because right from the biodegradable peanuts to the cello bags, it’s all eco-friendly!

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