This winter has been brutal. Freezing temperatures, weekly snowstorms, consecutive snow days…enough is enough!  The first peaks of springtime green are always a welcome sight, but after this winter you might not want to wait for Mother Nature to take her sweet time.  Take matters into your own hands and bring springtime into your kitchen with some of these fresh appliances and sets.

Twist Silicone 2-in-1 Whisk by Joseph: Still using a wire whisk?  Well, grab a silicone one and welcome to the 21st century!  This whisk easily adjusts from balloon whisk to flat whisk with the flick of the wrist, and the silicone is heat-resistant up to 520 degrees F.  As with all silicone kitchen products, it’s dishwasher safe, thank goodness!

lime green whisk

FreshForce Lime Juicer by Chef’n: Hello, margarita time!  Skip the bottled Margarita mix and use this lime juicer to make fresh (and healthier) cocktails.  If booze isn’t your thing, fresh juice is also fantastic with grilled fish, and this juicer yields about 20% more juice than competitors. Lime juice for everyone!

lime juicer

Zip Strip Herb Stripper by Chef’n: Cooking with fresh herbs as opposed to dried yields noticeable differences, and this herb stripper makes using fresh herbs a lot easier.  It works great for leafy herbs, has multiple stripping options, and the bowl catches and measures the herbs.  Try it once and you’ll be hooked!
lime green juicer
Green Garlic Twist by NexTrend: Does minced fresh garlic in seconds sound too good to be true?  Just peel the garlic and the Garlic Twist takes care of the rest.  Kiss stinky garlic fingers goodbye forever!
6.43-in Herb Mill by Microplane: Chopping fresh herbs with a knife can kind of be a big pain in the neck.  Luckily, there’s Microplane’s herb mill to ease the pain.  Let hundreds (yes, hundreds) of tiny scissors chop your herbs for you. Sounds like having the next best thing to having a sous chef.

Magical Thinking Cactus Cookie Jar: There is nothing like a quirky cookie jar to jazz up a kitchen.  This shiny cactus is different enough to set your kitchen apart but not so far out there that guests will be questioning your sanity.  It would also be an adorable hostess gift if you’re tired of bringing wine or flowers.

Magical thinking cactus cookie jar

KitchenAid KSB1575 Diamond 5 Speed Blender: Stir, chop, mix, puree, liquefy, and crush ice (maybe for frozen drinks) like a pro and be able to pick a happy spring green base?  This blender really is the ultimate kitchen appliance and it’s cute enough to keep out on your counter. What more could you ask for?

green diamond kitchen aid blender

Cuisinart DCC-1200 12 Cup Metallic Green Brew Central Coffee Maker: Nothing happens without coffee, nothing!  Coffee makes the world go round, so why not treat yourself to a coffeemaker that makes you almost as happy as coffee itself?  The fun bright green of this Cuisinart coffee maker might even make you smile before your first sip.

cuisine art coffee maker

Primula Cast Iron Teapots: Afternoon tea is good for the soul (and for the waistline), and it should be part of every mom’s day.  A dingy old tea kettle should not be part of your day though, so it’s time to upgrade!  This cast iron teapot will instantly up your tea game so much you’ll even feel more Zen just looking at them!
green and black cast iron tea pots
Discerning Palette Coffee Maker in Green Shoots – 3 Cup: Pantone is the name in colors, so it’s no surprise they’re behind the gorgeous green of this coffee maker.  And it might look dainty, but this metal coffee maker is one tough cookie, so it can survive a busy mom’s kitchen!
paler coffee maker in green shoot color
Chore I Can Dish Rack in Green: Even if you have a dishwasher, you’re still going to have to hand-wash from time to time, and that also means you’re going to have to dry.  This dish rack makes drying easy. Just stack the dishes and the little spout will drain into the sink, so you won’t have to wipe up puddles. Well, except for the puddles kiddies and pets make of course.
chore i can dish

Savor It for Later Wine Stopper: Just in case something weird happens and you don’t finish a bottle of wine, you should probably have a wine stopper on hand.  And why have a plain boring wine stopper?  This silicone one is adorable and will maybe even inspire you to put some fruit on your head and dance around like the Chiquita Banana lady.

green wine stopper
Compact Herb Chopper: Instead of pulling out the big cutting board and knife to chop fresh herbs, grab this all in one herb chopping tool.  You can chop the herbs right on top of the chopper’s case, and the slightly curved design makes sure nothing is lost to spillage.  Oh and it is also great for chopping chocolate!
compact herb chopper
Scoot: Fighting over who has the bigger slice of pizza will be a thing of the past with the Scoot.  Cut pizza and sandwiches with ease, and no need to worry about the little ones chopping their fingers off because the Scoot’s stainless steel blade locks for safety.
Cut & Collect: Okay, so maybe shopping for a cutting board isn’t the most exciting thing, but the Cut & Collect just might rock your world.  This cutting board contains a hidden removable drawer (yes, a drawer) that can be used to collect chopped food or trimmings.  After trying this once you’ll be wondering how you survived so long with a regular old cutting board.
cut and collect
CookBook: Is there anything worse than having to keep opening and flipping through a cookbook while you’re trying to follow along with a recipe?  Or propping your ipad against the toaster oven while working with a Skinny Mom recipe?  Well, the CookBook takes care of those issues.  The bright and cheery plastic “book” will make following a recipe so easy you’ll have no excuses for ordering pizza six nights a week.

Cookbook stand

Fold-flat Grater™ Plus: This four-sided grater does coarse, fine, ribbons, and slices, and perhaps most impressive, it folds down for flat storage.  Whether you’re grating cheese for skinny mac and cheese or cauliflower for “rice”, this bright green grater is the model for you.
fold flat grater plus
Hands On™: If no one is talking about your salads, it might not be because your salad is boring, but the presentation is.  This bowl with attached salad servers is so unique that everyone will be commenting on them, and they may even get your kids to eat salad too!
hands on

Peacock Print Apron: You can’t make an omelet without breaking a couple eggs, and breaking eggs can get messy.  Protect yourself from the mess, and invest in an apron.  This peacock print apron is perfect.  It’s cute enough to wear in front of company and will protect your clothes from spills and splatters.  There is nothing worse than a splatter ruining your favorite dress, so don’t sacrifice your clothes for a yummy meal!

peacock apron

Frieling Cillo Chocolate Fondue Set: Is anything better than fondue?  Whether it’s a hot night sharing some chocolate and strawberries with your man or wine and cheese fondue with the girls, there’s just something so fun about dunking your food.  This porcelain set uses just one tea light to keep your fondue of choice warm and melty.

fondue set

Omniware Teaz 34 oz Lillkin Teapot with Infuser: Are you ready to drink your tea like a sophisticated lady?  It’s time to try an infuser teapot!  If you’ve been using teabags your whole life you will be shocked by the difference in loose leaf tea.  And not only does it taste better, it’s also better for you.

tea pot

West Bend Hot Air Popper: Popcorn can be a quick and healthy natural snack when you make your own instead of buying chemical filled bags of microwave popcorn.  Pop some of your own corn in this adorable West Bend popper and experiment with adding flavors like olive oil and rosemary.

hot air popper

KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Stand Mixer: Every kitchen diva needs a good quality mixer, and every kitchen diva deserves one in a fun color.  This retro green color may look straight out of Pleasantville, but the heavy duty power is as modern as kitchen technology gets.  Perfect for even the toughest mixing jobs and cute as a button to boot…what more can you want?

green kitchen aid mixer

Bodum Bistro Two Slice Green Toaster with Cool Touch Exterior: You can never start too early when it comes to teaching children how to fix their own breakfast, and this toaster is the perfect way to get them started.  In addition to the bold color of the toaster, the rubberized finish doesn’t get hot, so feel free to ask the kids for a toasted bagel.

green toaster

Chef’s Star® Manual Hand Crank Juicer: Single Auger Juice Press Ideal for Fruit, Vegetables, Wheat Grass – with Suction Base. Have you thought of getting into juicing but the price tags of most juicers makes you a little lightheaded?  Then start manually!  The Chef’s Star Manual Hand Crank Juicer is a great way to test the waters.  Like more expensive electric juicers, it separates juice from pulp but has the added benefit of giving you a little arm workout.  Don’t worry, your arm isn’t going to go numb cranking, a little elbow grease never hurt anyone!


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