May is fast approaching, bringing with it graduations and graduation parties. Sometimes it’s hard to pick a gift that is both useful and something they want. Check out our tips below for fail proof gift buying!

High School Grads:

  1. Vera Bradley All-in-One Wristlet: This is great for the girls heading off for college! It has a great spot for easy access to a college ID, cell phone holder, and interior slots for license and credit cards. There are many different prints to find the perfect one for your grad. Check them out here.

  2. College Gear: Every freshman needs to stock up on t-shirts and other apparel from their school! Plus the more clothes they have, the less laundry they have to do.

  3. Oh the Places You’ll Go: Someone once told me you aren’t a real graduate until you receive this book. It’s great advice from childhood favorite Dr. Suess that transcends into adulthood. Not only is it a cute book, but it can be a real pick me up when your grad gets the first semester blues.

  4. Tervis Tumblers: These cups are GREAT for all liquids, hot or cold. They are great insulators, easy to wash and come in all types of designs. The website is full of all sorts of designs from colleges to major league teams to pick the best one for your grad. Check them out here.

College Graduates:

  1. Home appliances: Most college grads are moving into an apartment or home on their own for the first time and don’t have many of the appliances found in a seasoned home. From basic bottle openers to blenders/choppers, all is needed.

  2. Gift Cards: Gift cards are great for kids just out of college. Most post-grads leave with a lot of debt to repay, and gift cards are a good way to let them treat themselves without costing them even more.

  3. Briefcase: College kids are making that transition from college pennies to the business world and will most likely need to purchase all of the “big kid job parts.” Go for black- it will match anything they wear and look sophisticated!

  4. Money: Giving money often has an impersonal feeling, but like was said earlier, students are graduating with more debt than ever before. Every little bit can help, especially when they are just starting out. For a more personal angle, pick a card that will really speak to your grad about how you feel!