Post Upper-Body Workout

Post Upper-Body Workout

Hey Skinny Moms! Well, today marks about 8 weeks out from the day I’ll be hitting the stage in 4 pieces of small fabric and 5 inch heels…what did I get myself into? That’s what I keep asking myself especially when I have to drive in 4 degree weather with snow covered roads at the wee hours before sunrise to get a workout in. My weather conditions seem far worse than my workout or diet, but every time I’m driving to the gym I tell myself “Britney, you have to go through it, if you want to get to it.” I’ve chosen to look at the positive in this situation and instead of dread the drive I look forward to having time to center my thoughts and re-asses my focus. I am very grateful to embark on a new journey in my life and pursue a dream I’ve always had but it seemed so far to reach. I’m in my dream.

I think more often than not, we can make a situation worse than it ought to be. We have these expectations of perfection and anything that doesn’t amount to that seems less than good enough.

I could easily throw in the towel and say maybe I should compete when it’s warmer weather…these just aren’t the best conditions. But these conditions are what give me strength to keep going. Once I get into the gym I feel like since I just drove through the snow and made it through the ice cold, I’ve got to get a good workout in to make it worth it. I always feel much better!

We can either wait on the shore for the boat to come…or we can swim out to it. Go after your dreams even if the situation doesn’t align perfectly with the way you had imagined. The victory still lies on the other end.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and staying with me on this journey to the stage. Please share your journey to your dreams in the comments below. I’d love to hear your stories of triumph!

Wishing you wealth in health!