Have you seen the commercials? Have you already tried it? Greek yogurt is increasing in popularity but why all the craze? Is it just another fad or is there really something to be excited about?

Old-fashioned Greek yogurt is made with goat’s milk, while American yogurt and many American “Greek-style” products are made from cow’s milk. The way all yogurt is made is with milk and live cultures. With Greek yogurt, the live cultures are the active bacteria S. thermophilus and L. bulgaricus, which when ferment in the goat’s milk and create the tangy flavor that gives Greek yogurt its flavor. The Greek yogurt is then strained with a filter to remove the liquid whey part of the goat’s milk. The filtering also removes some of the lactose sugars, salt and water. This produces a thicker, creamier product that is higher in protein than American-style yogurt.

Greek yogurt appeals to health-conscious consumers who are seeking a sweet snack that also high in protein without excess calories. A typical 6-ounce portion of Greek yogurt contains 100 calories with 18 grams of protein versus a 6-ounce portion of American-style yogurt which contains 80 calories and only 9 grams of protein. Both, however, are rich in calcium and have plenty of probiotics which may help to boost immunity and decrease gastrointestinal symptoms like diarrhea and abdominal pain. But with Greek yogurts high-protein content and lower levels of sugar and salt, Greek yogurt may just be a little bit better for you than the American-style yogurt.

All in all, both yogurts are nutrient-packed snacks that are excellent additions to any healthful diet. Give it a try and go Greek for a change!