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Rose hips are the leftovers of the rose after it has bloomed, resembling a berry. They are often picked, dried and used medicinally or kept fresh and used in tea. Raw rose hips in hot tea is the most efficient way to reap the vitamin C from the plant. Store-bought supplements are better used to reduce inflammation.

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Inside the hips are tiny molecules called galactolipids, which contribute to the strengthening of cartilage. As an end result, rose hip supplements can help with arthritis prevention and treatment. Click here to learn more about tumeric, another supplement that fights inflammation.

The supplements are best bought from trusted companies rather than plucked from yards and wildlife. The chances of ingesting harmful pesticides and fertilizers along with the rose hip is too high. Instead, you can order the supplements for a fairly inexpensive cost online or from any supplement store. The dosing of this supplement is best determined by a doctor since it varies on age and other health issues.

Rose water is different from rose hip in that it’s used for traditional drinks as well as externally to improve skin elasticity and appearance.