header glossary of supplements

The root of the ginger plant is what is used in supplements and spices. It’s a pale yellow or orange with a thin, light brown skin around it. It often looks like knotty fingers in its root form.


Expecting moms often turn to ginger to relieve morning sickness or aid in digestion. People going through chemotherapy or recovering from surgery will add ginger to their regimen to help with any nausea. There are also studies showing it’s helpful for arthritis patients by reducing inflammation. 

Children can take ginger in low doses guided by their pediatrician. Adults looking to take it can have up to 400 milligrams per day, but expecting moms should limit the dose to about 100 milligrams. People taking medication for high blood pressure or those who have been diagnosed with diabetes should take with a doctor before assuming a ginger supplement regimen. 

You can pick up a bottle of ginger supplements at the drugstore, or select a natural ginger ale. You can also add the spice to soups, smoothies, dressings and white meats.

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