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Mentally go back to any biology class you ever took. One thing that should stand out in your memory is that amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Amino acids have a wide influence on many bodily processes: building proteins, storage of nutrients, function of organs, healing wounds, and removal of waste deposits in connection with metabolic processes. There are essential and nonessential amino acids; because our bodies do not make the essential amino acids, it is imperative that we get a regular supply of these through food, mainly animal-based proteins. Nonessential amino acids is a misleading term; they are very important, but our bodies synthesize them so they are not an essential part of our diet. During times of dire need, the metabolism can shift to producing amino acids that are required for protein synthesis essential to our survival.

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Without necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins and hormones, the body cannot carry out bodily functions and metabolic processes. Aminoacid-studies.com says that twenty percent of the human body is made up of protein, so it is vital that we consume a good amount of dietary proteins on a daily basis in order to take advantage of the numerous benefits amino acids give us.

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The body uses 29 dietary amino acids to synthesize thousands of unique proteins to carry out processes that lead to optimal health. Our bodies need a certain amount of each amino acid, but if we get our daily recommended allowance of total protein and eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, our amino acid requirements will be met. Once proteins are digested, they are then broken down into various amino acids that are put to use in a variety of functions. Meat, fish and poultry should provide for the essential amino acids, but for vegetarians, it is necessary to combine certain foods — like rice and beans or whole-grain bread and peanut butter — to get the complete assortment of essential amino acids.

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As long as the body is supplied with dietary essential amino acids on a regular basis, it can adequately synthesize new proteins within the body. This means optimal health! On the other hand, if the body is cut off from these dietary essential amino acids, protein synthesis will be affected and health problems like hair loss, diabetes and weight troubles may arise.

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