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If you’ve been on any website recently, you’ve probably heard of quinoa. Quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah), is what’s known as a ‘pseudo-cereal’. It is cooked and eaten like a grain, even though it’s technically not a traditional grain. According to the Whole Grains Council, there are over 120 different varieties of quinoa including; white, red and black quinoa. In addition, quinoa flour and quinoa flakes are in high demand as a healthier baking option.


While most people love quinoa for it’s hearty flavor and endless recipe possibilities, according to Forbes, this amazing super food, has a plethora of healthy benefits, such as:

Quinoa is high in protein: Quinoa is a complete protein that also packs essential amino acids.

Quinoa packs twice as much fiber as other grains: The fiber packed super-grain helps to lower cholesterol, ease constipation, keep you feeling fuller longer, and can reduce your risk of developing colon cancer.

Quinoa contains iron: Iron is an important nutrient that most people believe they can only get from red meat. However, this grain is packed with enough iron to make you say bye-bye to unhealthy meat dishes and hello to more vegetarian-friendly options.

Quinoa is packed with magnesium: Magnesium helps to relax blood vessels, reduce Type 2 diabetes, and assist with transmission of nerve impulses, body temperature regulation, detoxification and energy production.

Quinoa is high in riboflavin (B2): Riboflavin helps to boost your metabolism, increase energy levels and maintain healthy cells in the brain and the muscles.

If you haven’t tried cooking with quinoa yet, what are you waiting for? There are some amazingly delicious recipes to choose from such as our Spicy Quinoa Crusted Chicken, click here for the recipe.

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There’s also our amazing Quinoa Wrap with Black Beans, Feta and Avocado. Click here for recipe.

quinoa wrap

If you’re thinking that quinoa is great for lunch and dinner, but there’s no way that it will work for breakfast, you’d be wrong again. You can use quinoa to create these scrumptious Quinoa Banana Pancakes. Click here for recipe.

quinoa banana pancakes

And for dessert, you can even bake up some delicious Quinoa Brownies! Click here for recipe. (via Nosh and Nourish)

quinoa brownies

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So give quinoa a try tonight. Between the unforgettable flavor, the amazing health benefits and the delicious recipe options, you just simply can’t go wrong when cooking with quinoa!