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Oregano, or “Mountain of Joy” in Greek, is a tasty herb that has been used for thousands of years for culinary and medicinal purposes. Surprisingly, it is actually in the same family as the mint leaf. You probably recognize Oregano from some of your favorite Mediterranean dishes such as our Skinny Mediterranean Pasta. Spanish, Greek, and Italian cuisines often use this aromatic herb to make their delicious food. It has a long history in Mediterranean cultures. In fact, Greek and Roman brides and grooms used to be crowned with a laurel of oregano.

Most people are familiar with the culinary uses of Oregano, but the medicinal healing powers of this herb are amazing!

Antibacterial: Oregano is a natural antibacterial, because it contains two oils: thymol and carvacrol. In fact, studies have shown that oregano is now even being prescribed by some doctors to treat certain bacterial infections. According to the Global Healing Center, the US Department of Agriculture conducted a study that showed the amazing benefits of oregano in treating Salmonella and E.coli.

Antioxidants: Oregano is chalk full of antioxidants to fight cancer. In fact, Oregano has 4 times the antioxidant activity as blueberries and 42 times the antioxidant activity as apples! (via Whole Foods)

Vitamins & Minerals: Oregano is high in Vitamin K, iron, and manganese—just to name a few! These nutrients are essential for optimal health.

Now that you know the benefits of oregano, it’s time to begin sprinkling it into your life!

Oregano is just what you need to add depth to some of your favorite recipes. Our Copycat Chipotle Barbacoa Bowl is perfect when you’re in the mood for Mexican food! Click here for the recipe.


Copycat Chipotle Barbacoa Bowl

Oregano oil diluted in olive oil is an amazing remedy for sore muscles. Use a 50/50 blend and rub oil directly on skin for immediate relief. You’re going to need it after you try some of these workout moves! 

It’s important to note that the potency of oregano oil must be taken into consideration when using internally or externally in medicinal ways, particularly for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. However, using oregano herbs in cooking is a safe and fabulous way to add flavor to your favorite dishes, and is one of the ‘must-have’ herbs for your kitchen.