Gladys Burrill

While searching for some inspirational and motivating stories, I stumbled on the story of Gladys Burrill. Gladys has been featured in everything from to runner’s magazines to local newspapers to fitness magazines. Why? Quite simply because she is amazing! Not only is Gladys a mother of 5, a grandmother of 18 and a great-grandmother of 26, she is also the oldest living woman to ever finish a marathon.

Burrill began running seriously at the age of 86 and now at the age of 92, has completed the 26.2 mile Honolulu marathon for the fifth time. For her race to the finish line, Gladys (better known as Gladys “Gladyator” Burrill), has also earned a spot in the next edition of the Guinness World Record book.

The “Gladyator” has always been a go getter, and running marathons was not her first adventure. In her younger years she climbed Mount Hood only six short weeks after giving birth and has even hiked above the Arctic Circle.

Burrill claims that her workout consists of 30 to 50 miles worth of power walks a week as well as some running. Her diet is mostly vegetarian, and she always takes her vitamins. Although Burrill has not yet committed to training for another marathon in the future, it is certainly not off the table. She even hopes to someday combine her races with some type of charity work.

Skinnymom Fact: Looking for The Fountain of Youth? It’s could be as close as your local gym. Exercising, especially as we age not only helps us maintain a healthy body weight, but also keeps bones and muscles strong and joints flexible. So remember, you don’t have to be a “Gladyator” runner… just 30-45 minutes a day of strength and cardio exercise can be enough to put Father Time in a Time out!