Halloween is officially over, so for me that means I need to get serious about deciding on Christmas gifts. I know, some of you might be thinking Woah! Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet, why would I start to think about that?!  I need lots of time to mull over what is the perfect gift for each person, because I absolutely love the look on someone’s face when they truly appreciate your gift. Last year I did something different than I usually do and I might keep up the trend this year. I went for experience gifts instead of the traditional in a box variety.

Experience gifts is giving someone the opportunity to try something new. They can range anywhere from a 1-night cooking class to a couple hour helicopter tour of the city.  I think the best ones are the experiences that get your friends and family up and moving.  I purchased a kayak tour for my parents and they had a blast getting out and paddling around and checking out the scenery.

I think the perks of these types of gifts are numerous. First, you are buying a memory for that person who has given you so many over the years. While I am sure they will love that movie they have been hinting at for the last month, I’m pretty sure they won’t be telling people a few years down the road how important those first few moments of that movie were to them.  Plus, the pictures they show you later will make you glad they enjoyed your gift so much.

Secondly, you can take the opportunity to share your love of fitness with your friends. Give your bestie a week of those awesome Zumba classes you love so much. You might just convince her to join you from now on when she finds out how much fun you are already having. An indoor rock climbing session might inspire your sister when she finds out how incredibly strong carrying all her kids has made her.

The gift of experience is great because they can give you a chance to do something together. You can not only treat your husband to a beginner scuba lesson, but get out there with him and make memories together.  An experience is something that can’t be relived so don’t miss the chance to get closer to someone that you care about with an amazing day of learning and activity for both of you.

I love finding the right experience for friends and family members and this time of year you can get great deals on Groupon or similar sites. Give the gift that people will be talking about for years to come and make memories that last a lifetime.

Of course, experience gifts aren’t for everyone so if you are still stuck on what to get someone this holiday season check out Skinny Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide [coming out soon] to find that perfect gift!

Photo from http://crossfitie.typepad.com/