I never was a fan of diets. I could never fathom the mere idea of depriving myself of my family’s cooking, considering my husband is a chef, and my mom and grandmother were two of the best cooks. Therefore, diet wasn’t in my vocabulary. After a very long winter a few years ago, I was sitting on my usually spot, (the couch) watching TV, and there was this man talking about his new book called the 17 Day Diet. I figured it was another fad, but as he explained the plan and repeatedly stated this was a way of life and not a diet, I was intrigued.

He started off by saying you must EAT to LOSE! There are 4 cycles to this plan, each consisting of a 17 day cycle.

  • Cycle 1, Days 1 – 17: “Accelerate” on a low carbohydrate diet that provides around 1200 calories. Eat unlimited lean meat and no-starch vegetables, two fat-free plain yogurts and two low-sugar fruits, a bit of oil, green tea, and 64 ounces of water a day.  Typical for any low carb diet, fat-burning and fluid loss is favored during those days.
  • Cycle 2, Days 18-34: “Activate”
  • Cycle 3, Days 33-51: “Achieve”
  • Cycle 4, Days 52 and on: “Arrive”

Now I know this might seem daunting, but it is really rather simple. I felt so great after the first 17 days, I stayed on Cycle 1, adding in some more foods from cycle 2. After 3 months, I was done 30 pounds! After losing the weight, I  learned many tricks on how to make my family recipes in low carb form. I invite you to give this plan a try, you won’t be sorry. I will be here along the way with any questions or if you’re in need of some recipe ideas. Come on, the only thing you have to lose is some WEIGHT!