My Walk

My Flat Walk

I work out. A lot.  I call it being committed.  Some of my friends and family call it obsessed or needing to be committed.  Whatever you call it, I like to stay moving.  At work, they know I don’t sit still for meetings longer than 30 minutes and will take the inevitable bathroom break never to return.  So when I over did it a few weeks ago and my chiropractor said no hard core workouts for 72 hours, I cursed the universe.  Seriously?  Only walking on a flat surface and getting back to my stretches and ab work.  All I could imagine was walking with the seniors in my neighborhood and doing a Jane Fonda tape. Three whole days of this!

The first walk wasn’t bad since my body was so sore. Ok, maybe I did over do it but, I’m not going to admit that to anyone. When I was doing my stretches, I added in old school leg lifts, butt lifts, dusted off my..gulp…5 pound weights and did some arm work.  I was lacking the much needed headband and leg warmers, but I made it through.  I am hesitant to admit here, but I was sore the next day.  All those little old school moves did some work.

Second day…another walk. I added a few hills (I feel like a mall walker) and got home to do stretches and thought “What would Jane do”?  Jane would kick it up a notch and add in some more 80’s style moves and keep going.  That’s what I did.  I actually googled “Jane Fonda workout”.  And away I went.  I started to envy her leotard.  Maybe I was becoming a little too involved with Jane.  But like the good student, I followed her direction and did my workout.  Jane said “Keep going. You can do it” and I did. Thanks Jane.

Third day. REALLY?  I’m sore?  I do yoga, boot camps, hiking and Jane is making me sore?  How can this be?  I went through another workout with my new best friend Janie. That’s what I call her now.  Just me and Janie, working out. Looking good in our leotards.  Not saying I had one on, but if I did it would so be rockin’.

Why am I telling you about my three days with Janie?  Its simple.  I was told to slow down.  Instead of cursing the universe, I needed to learn a lesson.  Our lessons are on-going and we need to be open to receive them.  If I didn’t slow down, I wouldn’t have had that wonderful walk with one of my closest friends to catch up and provide my body a much needed rest.  And I wouldn’t have rediscovered my own neighborhood as my outdoor gym.  I’m sure I will need another reminder of this at some point in time and will have to learn this lesson again.  Thankfully the universe never says “Pencils down”.