I have been meaning to write this for a few weeks, but honestly I have been running like mad.  My oldest son’t birthday is December 23rd…who has a kid two days before Christmas.  But I am finally back on the computer and have a few minutes so hopefully this will make your shopping easier.

Top 10 gift ideas for Fit Mamas:

1.  A heart rate monitor.  I love my polar heart rate monitor.  I love to know my approximate calorie burn and I love to see what burns more calories.   Check out http://www.polarusa.com for more information.  I am sure you can get them other places and maybe for a bit less.

2.  I love workout clothes and I particularly love running skirts.  But in the colder months I love skirts with pants under them…I love the tough girl skirt from skirt sports. http://www.skirtsports.com …some of them are half off today.  Check them out.  If you are lucky enough to run all year round in shorts or skirts…check out bibbity running skirts.  Love them and their full coverage bottoms at http://www.bibbityrunning.com.

3.  I need a little refresher every now and again and need to change up my routine.  A few sessions with a reputable and certified personal trainer are a great gift.

4.  A good bra is a must.  I have seen more ladies with their “girls” bouncing violently with every movement than I care to discuss.  Check out the moving comfort bra and their virtual fitting room to get a perfect fit.  http://www.movingcomfort.com

5.  Shoes…it’s really hard to workout if you have sore knees and sore feet.  A gift certificate to a shoe store that offers fitting is a great idea and allows the person to get a proper fit for their feet.

6.  Magazine subscriptions are great.  I like two magazines right now.  I love Oxygen Magazine for it’s strength workouts and Women’s Running Magazine for workouts.

7.  After a long workout a massage is a great gift.  Find a reputable and certified massage therapist for major relaxation.

8.  One of my favorite fitness items is long sleeve shirts with thumb holes.  There are a number of brands out there:  skirt sports has one as well as Nike and under armour.

9.  I-tunes gift card to keep their music fresh.  It’s awful to have bad workout music.

10.  I love my necklaces from Heartstrings by Noelle and each of them has a different meaning for me…recently I have been wearing my “be your own champion” necklace.  Create your own saying and make a one of a kind masterpiece.  Noelle even has kettlebell charms…check her out at http://www.heartstringsbynoelle.com

10 1/2  Ok so I said top ten but this is a great product that I was introduced to recently.  Dale’s raw protein bars and protein.  The protein bars are wonderful…and the protein powder doesn’t have any of the junk in it that other proteins may have…if you are an organic fan this is the place for you…check it out at http://www.dalesrawfoods.com

Ok and not in the top ten but a truly guilty pleasure for me are margarita workout pants.  They are like a butt lift without the surgery.  Great material and funky designs.  You will LOVE them…check out http://www.vumawear.com