Several years ago, I watched one of those wife swapping television episodes. They always pick two moms that are the exact opposite of the other. This episode had one mom who was lazy and the other mom was fit and liked to wear leg weights on her ankles when she did housework. I know they were trying to paint that as something a bit extreme with this mom, but I admit I filed that idea for a future date. It seems like a simple solution for a busy mom like me. Since I am pretty busy running my home daycare; my time for gym workouts is non-existent. I have to get my exercise in during the day. Most days I have a chance to do my 30 minute DVDs with the daycare kids, but some days I feel I need that extra push. Recently I started to wear leg weights on my ankles during my work day. I can adjust the weight from 5 pounds to 25 pounds. (I suggest starting off with a small weight in the beginning). I don’t want to make my legs muscular and beefy; instead I hope to tone my legs a bit more with the leg weights. I like to think wearing the weights on my ankles is benefiting me; at least I am burning a few extra calories while I work. Here are some great exercises you can do wearing leg weights while watching television (or watching the children play as I do):

  • Do 20 alternating lunges forward
  • Do 20 alternating lunges backwards
  • Do 20 alternating lunges to the side
  • Stand and lift alternating knees up 20 times
  • Stand and kick alternating legs up 20 times
  • Hold onto a chair and kick left leg to the left 10 times
  • Hold onto a chair and kick right leg to the right 10 time

So maybe I am a bit extreme or a bit weird like that mom on television or maybe I am on to something. Only time will really tell. In the meantime I will try to routine a few days a week and see if I start to see the benefits of that extra “kick” in my workout.